These projects reflect some of my other creative interests.

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As part of a multidisciplinary team of designers at the Institute without Boundaries, I was asked to lead several design charrettes. These presentations are the results of the charrettes.
I designed an installation for the ZAIM Community Art Center in Yokohama, inspired by my experiences in Japan on a three-week study trip.
My photo work ranges from fine art to photoessays. I have shown work in galleries in the U.S. and Canada.
I created and produced World House Radio: Stories of Home, as part of the World House Project. For each episode in this series of eight podcasts, I interviewed experts in the fields of housing and design to discuss issues and solutions surrounding housing from the local and global perspectives.
These samples reflect the writing I have done related to design.
These articles represent my general interest writing. Each was published in a regional alternative magazine.