The essay was written for the Institute without Boundaries newsletter and republished in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's campus publication, f newsmagazine. It summarizes a two-day charrette that took place in Chicago in conjunction with the opening of the Massive Change exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Cotemporary Art. I was chosen to be a participant in this charrette that sought to put the ideals of Massive Change into action by finding solutions to revitalize Garfield Park, a neighborhood in Chicago's west side. My charrette partner and I saw the neighbourhood as a patchwork quilt in need of 'stitching', or reconnecting, in order to best utlize its exising assets and improve upon its weaknesses. We propsed organic, community-driven projects and intiatives that would help this neighbourhood form a cohesive landscape, both physically and programmatically, that would allow it to thrive.

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