From prototyping small objects to devising global systems, I have the ability to think through important details while imagining the big picture. This portfolio is a sampling of my recent projects and reflects the kind of work I am passionate about -- using design as a tool for improving lives and creating new opportunities for greater prosperity and equality.

Click on the headings or images below for more detailed information about each project.

The goal of this project was to design the urbanFARMcart for people who want to start their own urban farm, whether it takes the form of a three foot by three foot plot, a multi-acre enterprise or somewhere in between.
This project was the result of submitting an initial design to the Basil Hayden Tastemakers Chicago Design Contest. I was chosen as one of three finalists in this compeition and was awarded $2,500 to produce a prototype chair.
This project, called iBlob, was selected as a winner in the Ruckus Nation Idea Competition. I was awarded $30,000 for the iBlob concept, and a utility patent was filed for this idea naming me as an inventor.
Google Bike is a safety accessory, navigation system, energy conservation tool, social networking utility, training guide and fun interactive game all in one. The goal of this project was to design a bicycle accessory that encourages more people to bike.
This project was the focus of my graduate thesis exhibition and was submitted as part of the NetSquared Mobile Challenge. It was chosen as a featured project to present and compete for funding at the N2Y4 Conference.
This project was created during a semester long group project focused on designing the future Chicago Children's Museum. iSpi is an exploration kit for the 21st century, combining mapping and gaming technology with a digital camera, audio recorder, flashlight, microscope and telescope
This animation was a response to a competition sponsored by Design 21, an online social design network, in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The goal was to create an awareness campaign for the FSC.
This project was part of a studio assignment to design a drinking vessel for toddlers. The intent was to design a container, similar in effect to a “sippy cup,” that allows children to drink safely and intuitively. I saw an opportunity to create a cup that filters water for use in both developed and developing economies.
This project is an exploration looking at a new kind of social network. Mylifeconnected is a connections platform that allows users to explore the internet through search engines and their social graph simultaneously.
I have consulted with several clients, working on projects that range from market research to business modeling, website development to object prototyping. This work represents the mission of TrickleUp Design -- to use design and strategy to create innovative products and services that have a positive social impact.