Google Bike is a safety accessory, navigation system, energy conservation tool, social networking utility, training guide and fun interactive game all in one. The goal of this project was to design a bicycle accessory that encourages more people to bike. The reasons people choose not to bike are varied, but safety is one significant
factor, and the draw of more sedentary activities is another obstacle. The design of this product sought to overcome these barriers by utilizing technology to help people feel safer on the roads and connect with others and their landscape as they never have before. This is coupled with helping users understand the positive environmental impacts and monetary savings they are having by choosing biking over driving. Consisting of a computer module which connects to the front handlebars and a safety light that attaches to the back of the seat post, Google Bike is a system that utilizes technology to bring safety, better health, environmental awareness and fun to biking in a way that engages a new generation of bikers and reenergizes it for those who have been biking for decades.